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Top 10 questions to ask an SEO company before you hire them!

Not sure how to go about finding the right SEO company? Here are 10 questions that we asked the all SEO Companies that we review to find the best ones for you:

1. Ask for a list of current and past customers along with the exact ranking changes that they’ve helped those companies achieve.

2. Has any of your projects failed? Why and What did you do to fix it?

3. How exactly will you increase my Google rankings?

4. Apart from directory submission, what kind of a link building and outreach strategy will you be employing?

5. Apart from link building, what other steps would you take to ensure that the site is optimised for the keywords that we are targeting?

6. Can you provide us with estimated growth in business, in terms of leads and sales, after achieving the promised rankings?

7. Do you promise #1 rankings or Page 1 rankings? (The truth is that 40% of the traffic stays at #1 position and as soon as you get to #3 it drops down to 18% – It is important to have #1 rankings for your primary keyword to really get a good percentage of people who are searching for your keywords.)

8. Will I get a weekly or monthly report on what work has been done to promote my website?

9. Will you give me an estimated time line of how long it would take for me to rank for my desired keywords?

10. How do you measure the success of your SEO Campaigns?

11. What are your fees and payment terms? Is there a monthly retainer even after I’ve ranked for my target keywords? Do you offer a refund policy in case you aren’t able to deliver on the promised rankings?

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